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Reimagining Inclusion and Equity

This Reconciliation Week, the Faculty of Business, Government and Law Research Hub – Reimagining Inclusion and Equity – arranged a panel discussion in connection with the university value of Narragunnawali. The theme was ‘Embrace Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing in our work and our culture. Get amongst the conversation. Listen authentically and be a driver of meaningful reconciliation’.

Speakers Jane Alver, Raechel Johns, Phil Roberts and David Spillman spoke about:

  • Co-design of teaching along with partner, the National Indigenous Australians Agency #indigenous_gov,

  • Strengths-based co-creation approaches with students at UC,

  • Re-centering rural knowledges, and

  • Country as teacher.

The session was expertly organised by Robin Ladwig and facilitated by Erina Fletcher.

Pictured: Phil Roberts, Raechel Johns, Erina Fletcher, Robin Ladwig and Jane Alver, with David Spillman on screen


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